Viyo Imune+ Cat 

14 servings


Viyo imune+ Cat is a healthy and delicious prebiotic drink for cats. 

​To support the immune system!

Viyo Imune+ Cat

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  • A healthy and tasty drink for cats, with prebiotic fibers to improve the intestinal flora, strengthen the immune system, resistance and support a better absorption of nutrients.

    Viyo Reinforces® Cat at a glance:

    • Very tasty drink to strengthen the natural immune system
    • With FOS and inulin: promote a balanced intestinal flora and a firmer stool
    • With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: for healthy skin and a shiny coat
    • Rich in vitamins & trace elements for a vital cat's life and more mobility in old age
    • 100% natural, vet developed
    • Suitable for cats of all breeds and all ages.
    • Can be combined with any type of food, including therapeutic diets (kidney / heart / liver, etc.)
    • Chicken-based: not suitable for cats with chicken allergies
    • Improved nutrient absorption, results can be visible after 1-4 weeks low in calories